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Winter Check Sittingbourne

Why do I need a winter check?

Imagine driving during a bitter December night and hitting a patch of black ice without optimal tyres or breaks. Disaster.

As the cold months approach, the need to have your car checked becomes vital. Life-threatening situations hide in fog, snow and wet roads. So, to guarantee your family stays safe, it’s essential you get a winter car check.

And, at MOT-A-CAR, we’re serious about keeping you safe on the roads. So, we offer a FREE winter check to give you peace of mind that everything is as it should be.

Call today to book your vehicle in, and rest assured that you’re safe and ready to go.

Winter Check Sittingbourne

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What’s included in an MOT-A-CAR Free Winter Check:


Tyres – As your only contact with wet or icy roads, your tyres must be in peak condition. Not having enough control at the wrong time is costly. So, we’ll make sure your tyres are in fantastic condition and have optimal tread depth and pressure.


Lighting – As mornings/evenings get darker, your lights become indispensable for road safety. In your free winter check, we’ll examine your front and rear lights to make sure that you have absolute visibility for your commutes.


Visibility – A frozen windscreen can cause all sorts of visibility issues. That’s why we check your windscreen and wiper blades to make sure they’re in top condition. We’ll even fill up your screenwash for free too.


Brakes – Your brakes should be flawless all year round. But, in winter this is more critical than ever. With that in mind, we’ll thoroughly check all your braking components, including fluid levels and composition.


Coolant / Antifreeze – Your coolant level and antifreeze strength are important during the colder months, so we check them too.


Battery – Finally, we check your battery, and the charging and starting system.

Why MOT-A-CAR Sittingbourne?

If you’re after an affordable, reliable garage in Sittingbourne, Faversham or Isle of Sheppey, MOT-A-CAR is the leading, locally run garage for you.

Since 2003, MOT-A-CAR has been keeping the people of Sittingbourne, and the surrounding communities, safe on the roads. Committed to only using the most advanced technology and highly trained technicians, you’re guaranteed absolute satisfaction. And, to give you peace of mind, all our services come with a full warranty.

We’re an officially approved Good Garage Scheme centre, with fully qualified mechanics.

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